Rules and Scoring

Cheer City use SCUK age grid and USASF Rules but alongside this we are super excited to announce our new division which will be at all our competitions in the future. We hope this allows newer athletes and teams as chance to take part.

The grid in the registration pack is only for solo’s and duo’s all other divisions and ages are listed in SCUK age grid

Cheer City’s Community Level 1 Rules

Please use USASF Level 1 with these rules as exceptions which will then create Cheer City’s Community Level 1.

Tumbling: Forward and Backwards walkovers not allowed. Exception – Handstand Bridge, Bridge stand up and fall back bridge allowed.

Stunts: No Extended allowed, Example Prep extension, Suspended Splits, Flat bodied positions.

No two leg preps allowed in less in a pryamid.

Twisting stunts and transitions are allowed. but limit to  ¼ Turn (altered for 2018/19 season) 

Pyramids: No Extended stunts allowed, Preps allowed with a bracer, and single leg libs allowed with 2 bracers but no tic toc type skills allowed at prep height.

All other level 1 skills are allowed.

Community level 1 is considered an entry level division to cheer, So alongside Prep divisions athletes will not be able to crossover into allstar cheer divisions. 

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us at

Please Note: For 2018-19, email submissions must include the coach’s name, the programme name and country. Videos must follow submission guidelines below. Send your query to:

The email address is only intended for rulings on videos regarding the USASF/IASF level 1-6 rules. Please do not send dance queries to this address. (See other section of this page for dance)

Every email sent to these addresses should be answerable with one word, LEGAL or ILLEGAL. To get a reply your email must include a level (for cheer submissions), dance style for dance divisions (i.e.- pom, jazz, hip-hop), and a video following the guidelines below.

Please allow 7-10 days for processing of your video. Response time may increase during periods of high volume. Please do NOT re-send your video within the 7-10 day time frame.

Submission Guidelines & Reminders:

  • Every email should be answerable with one word, LEGAL or ILLEGAL.
  • Videos must display in an upright manner when viewed from a computer.
  • Videos must be attached. No links to YouTube or other video sites.
  • Videos submitted are subject to be used for educational purposes. If you want your video excluded please indicate that when submitting a video.
  • Videos should be filmed specifically for the purpose of getting a ruling.
  • Videos must be of your team in a practice environment.
  • Videos must be of a single skill or sequence.
  • Tumbling videos should only include 1 person.
  • Stunt or toss videos should only include 1 group.
  • Pyramid videos may include all members, but should be of 1 side when possible.
  • Videos from competitions, of more than one skill or sequence, or believed to be of other teams will not receive a reply.
  • Video must be of exactly what you want a ruling on. We will not rule on a portion of a video, based on a description, or based on a video with a description of a difference.
  • If you have questions regarding multiple skills they should be sent in separate emails. Sending multiple angles of the same skill in a single email is allowed, but a separate email is required for each different skill.
  • IASF can only tell you a skill is LEGAL for a specific level or a skill is ILLEGAL along with citing the rule violated. They will not assist with changing choreography.
  • IASF expects coaches to have knowledge of the rules and will not be teaching the rules in our replies.
  • IASF will only rule on the legality of the skill in the video, not the participants.
  • IASF rulings are only valid if the skill is performed the same way in the video and at the event. If called on a skill we said was legal the safety judge or official at the event should point out the difference.
  • Do not ask IASF representatives to call, text, or contact you via any method other than email. IASF cannot give official replies via text, Facebook, Twitter, our personal email accounts, or any other non-IASF method.
  • Please watch the video before sending it in to make sure it’s a clear.
  • Please ensure there are no extra people in the video that could impact the ruling, such as someone that is in view and could unintentionally be considered a spotter.
  • It is the responsibility of the coach to have the original email containing the official IASF ruling should they wish to query legalities. This specifically means the email directly from for cheer rulings or for dance rulings, not a forwarded version of an email from those addresses.


For USASF / IASF rules:.


Cheer Level 1 – Judge 1

Cheer Level 2-5 – Judge 1

Cheer – Judge 2

Cheer – Judge 3 

Solo and Duo Hip Hop Scoresheet

Solo and Duo Tumble Scoresheet

Solo and Duo Jazz Scoresheet

Solo and Duo Pom Scoresheet

Community Level 1 Level Appropriate Skills