• We are a brand new team with no experience, can we enter ?

Yes, Cheer city is open to everyone and we welcome all teams to our competitions.

  • How is warm up set up ?

Warm up has 3 stations which each team will have the same amount of time on. Station 1 is a stretch station, Station 2 is a tumble station on a sprung tumble strip and station 3 is for routines to do your routine before you go on to the main foor.

  • What happens if you have crossover athletes on the floor at the same time as there warm up ?

Cheer city will work towards this not being a situation, however not all crossovers can be helped but we will have event staff to help you get all the athletes you need in the right place as soon as possible.

  • What age are child tickets ?

Under 5’s are free then all other tickets are the same price, which is determind by when the tickets were ordered.

  • What do you do if you disagree with the score  ?

All scoresheets will be available to collect by the registered coach from the judges table straight after the awards. We encourage all coaches to read your scoresheets so if you have any issues, the judges will be able to help you and speak to you at this point.

If it is after the event please email all queries to cheercity@hotmail.com and we will work with the judges to provide you an answer.

  • Who are the judges ?

All cheer city judges are experience in the cheer and dance world and will mark to the USASF rules.

  • How should I bring my music ?

We can play cd’s or any device which can link through a AUX lead. We encourage you to bring your music on two formats or devices just incase.

  • How do I enter my team ?

Fill in the registration pack and either email it over to cheercity@hotmail.com or send it to the address in the pack.

Payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer and will be provide an invoice for all entries.

  • What do you do if you lose or forget your wristband ?

All lost wristbands will need to be repurchased, however if you have a worn out wristband please take this to registration desk and it can be replaced.

  • Will wristbands be sent out in advance ?

Yes all prepaid wristbands will be sent out via signed for royal main post 7 days before the event.

  • Will there be spectator tickets available on the day ?

If the event is sold out the coaches will be made aware of this before the event. If it is not then yes there will be tickets available but this may be limited.